Prodiiiiiii & Thabiso Thabethe Continue To Put Sgandi On The Map With Sgandi Rap Address

On the 21st of June 2021, Prodiiiiiii released an EP titled ‘Sgandi Jo!’ under his label Talent Water Timeless produced by frequent collaborator and long-time friend Thabiso Thabethe. 25 days later, they immersed into a new concept titled ‘Sgandi Rap Address’ with the rapper laying bars over some Barcadi sampled beats by producer and vocalist Thabiso Thabethe every Friday.

NoGas – Dick Fear: The Musical [EP]

NoGas · Dick Fear: The Muiscal Artist: Prodiiiiiii & Sllec BeatsRelease date: 18 May 2020Genre: Hip-Hop/RapLabel: Independent Description: DICK FEAR IS A STORY ABOUT A YOUNG MAN FROM LUKA. RusTENBERG WHO FINDS HIMSELF IN PRETORIA TRYING TO BETTER HIS LIFE.THINGS DON’T GO AS PLANNED AND HE LOSES HIS WAY… STARRING PRODIIIIIII AS DOSKY & PRODUCED BY SLLEC BEATS Source: Dick Fear Booklet (Provided […]