The Dear Oliver Tambo project is a blend of music, drama, and poetry that tells the story of a young girl obsessed with knowing about Oliver Tambo and using Tambo’s charisma to effect change in her community. The story pays tribute to many known and unsung heroes of the South African struggle for liberation.

Fela & The Kalakuta Queens

Fela & The Kalakuta Queens last show at The South African State Theatre. The Musical is a demonstration of the rich cultural heritage that Nigeria is blessed with. The play, which tells the story of legendary musical icon and activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti, reveals the sensational life of the Queens of Kalakuta and unmasks common misconceptions about them.

Gone Native

The Life and Times of Regina Brooks – it portrays the power of love, the strength and resilience of youth, and the complex nature of life in the old South Africa. It encourages young South Africans today, to follow their hearts beyond political boundaries and to persevere against all odds.


‘NEXT!!!’ Auditions are not for the faint-hearted. A cabaret, NEXT!! stars Kay Mosiane as Rwelebogitata , a young black girl who dreams of stardom. She wants it so much…but is this the right song to impress? In this roller coaster ride of heartache and hope, Relebogitata bounces from one audition to the next, singing song from well-known Broadway shows.


Helena Hettema’s “Alive” is a 10-year nostalgic celebratory online show of a powerful and diverse performance of one of SA’s top cabaret artists which took place on 10 March 2010 at the popular Centurion Theatre with her brilliant pianist and friend, André Wessels (he passed away in 2015) and master of the double bass, Nippy Cripwell.


Metsi, written and directed by Hannah van Tonder is a story about the connection between Juliet Zulu played by Balindile ka Ngcobo and Motswahole Mukubung played by Abongile Maurice Matyutyu, who reside in the community of Emthonjeni. Source: YouTube – The South African State Theatre