SAMRO, Risa and Capasso Royalties | Figuring Out The South African Music Industry | Episode 1

Figuring Out The South African Music Industry Series is SkillMusic’s attempt to learn and teach at the same time in order to empower other independent musicians in SA. In this series, he plans on covering many SA artist topics such as SAMRO, Risa, Capasso and SAMPRA as well as anything else relating to figuring out the SA music industry. SAMRO […]

Listen: Lawry Law – The Lawry Show EP

After releasing “325i Music” earlier in this year Lawry Lawy has decided to bless us with his debut project, The Lawry Show EP. This 8 track EP consists of his alter egos that coincide in his production and vocals. Lawry Me, Lawry Myself, Lawry I are beat makers while Lawry Black & Lawry Law are the vocalist. Together they are […]

Call for applications: Instrument building and repair training in SA

After the first edition in 2016, the Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) is implementing its popular Instrument Building and Repair (IBR) project in South Africa in 2020. The initiative aims to train participants on building and repairing African musical instruments while also exploring ways in which they may monetize their work and professionalize the art of instrument making in Africa.