Elvis Hyena Phiri of ‘Hyena Phiri Production’ | #ArtistOfTheMonth – September

One of the heaviest weights of responsibility the arts & entertainment industry has had to carry over the years was translating South African stories to film. These include folklore tales passed through generations around night fires, the racial wars our forefathers endured, the diverse cultures within our communities & many other moments of storytelling within our borders. Therefore it’s important that we celebrate the creative filmmakers who’ve taken it upon themselves to carry this responsibility and pass on the torch to the next generation. Elvis ‘Hyena’ Phiri, is one of these brave storytellers who has dedicated his life to translating life’s moments in South Africa through the lens. Today, we celebrate his contribution to this profession as #ArtistOfTheMonth for September.

SIIISA | Artist Of The Month – July

As winter covers start to become equally significant and non-significant, July
introduces itself as a chilling, and yet a warm companion for some parts of
South Africa. The influx of talent is on hibernation mode as many musicians start setting up stove to heat up a banger for the soon to come Summer. This common trend spreads throughout most, while some unconforming kings and queens set out to make their own rules. One of these independent minds, Siiisa has broken out as New Age Artistry’s ‘Artist Of The Month’, shortly after sending shockwaves to listeners from her latest offering B.B.E.