[Listen] Virtual Scrapbook Issue 1 Page 1: Jabu Shoba – Notes From Underground [DJ Mix] | #MixOfTheMonth : June

The Abstract with Hebz presents the Virtual Scrapbook project. This is the first issue of many to come. This the first page mixtape by Jabu Shoba, the host of the Orbit Scale Sessions. This hot mix of neo-soul, lo-fi & alternative jams is perfectly suited for a laid back listen under the covers this winter and makes it as New Age Artistry’s #MixOfTheMonthJune

The Significance Of Visual Communication On The Consumption Of Music In The Digital Age – A Thesis by ByLwansta

Graphic Designer and Musician ByLwansta shares an interesting and thought-provoking thesis on the importance of visual communication on the consumption of music in the digital age. Being a creative who dabbles in both fields, ByLwansta has a more than clear view and perspective of the elements that make these art-forms click and seamlessly work together.