The Art of Gratitude with Diteboho

It took us a couple of years to finally hear the recorded version of the long awaited composition of Diteboho, named after the artist’s stage name ‘Diteboho’. Over time we’ve had the honour of witnessing the live rendition of this original masterpiece in different creative spaces, alongside his musical peers and in some instances as a solo act.

Nandile – Jam Sesh 1 | #SongOfTheMonthApril

Nandile is a Creative, Rapper, Singer, Songwriter & Poet who’s abundance in creativity and originality highlights South Africa’s overflowing talents in the music industry. Her “Jam Sesh 1” record serves as New Age Artistry’s #SongOfTheMonthApril. Released on 24 July 2018, Nandile says “The song is about the mistakes in life. It gives off a reminiscent feel to it because its a reflection of where I was in my life when I recorded it.”

Themba | Short Film

Themba, a young South African boy of a domestic worker is given a second chance by his teacher to re-write a test he’s failed. He runs home to find his mother is not well and encounters other obstacles at home which will prevent him from studying.

Prodiiiiiii | Artist Of The Month – April

Inspired by his passion for story-telling, love for music and changing the narrative of what townships are known for. Prince Tshepo Vuzi Nzapheza, fondly known as Prodiiiiiii is a talented rapper and story-teller, who through his creativity wants to expand what we know live performances to be, spread out live experiences in terms of what partying has become. He imagines that we are the generation that deserves to party at a place where there is just local bands playing. In his music he tells genuine and authentic stories about his township and hopes he wins in this quest.