Diteboho – Still Waters (ft. Rorisang Sechele, Phonikz & Ofentse Moses Sebula) | #SongOfTheMonth : November

you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people’s ideas are often better than your own. Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” This quote from Amy Poehler is the driving inspiration for our feature for this month’s #SongOfTheMonth. We travel into a journey of light with Diteboho and his fellow creatives, celebrating this mellow masterpiece they’ve created titled ‘Still Waters’.

Yamoria – Victim’s Apology | #PoemOfTheMonth : November

Nature has always been the backdrop of everything that happens on Earth. When it’s not giving the gift of life, it’s conveying beauty in it’s simplest form. Johannesburg based spoken word duo Yamoria have used natures’ elegance to put out a collection of their poems through a series called “Yamoria Sunsets”. One standout poem from the series that stuck with us was ‘Victim’s Apology’, an ode to the victims that this country continuously creates. It’s an outcry against the abuse that continues to wound the queens who were are meant to protect and cherish.


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[Listen] Selective Styles Show 247 ft Yolophonik [DJ Mix] | #MixOfTheMonth : September

Yolophonik has been making strides in the music scene. In the past 2 months, he was featured on City Press #Trending feature and Kid Fonque’s ‘Selective Styles’ show on 5FM. His feature proved his musical prowess, showcasing his sound range with all songs from the mix coming from his own collection. In the interview, he mentions how his inspiration comes from producers like Romderful who’s genre-bending alternative sounds push the boundaries we all know in music.

Elvis Hyena Phiri of ‘Hyena Phiri Production’ | #ArtistOfTheMonth – September

One of the heaviest weights of responsibility the arts & entertainment industry has had to carry over the years was translating South African stories to film. These include folklore tales passed through generations around night fires, the racial wars our forefathers endured, the diverse cultures within our communities & many other moments of storytelling within our borders. Therefore it’s important that we celebrate the creative filmmakers who’ve taken it upon themselves to carry this responsibility and pass on the torch to the next generation. Elvis ‘Hyena’ Phiri, is one of these brave storytellers who has dedicated his life to translating life’s moments in South Africa through the lens. Today, we celebrate his contribution to this profession as #ArtistOfTheMonth for September.

lordkez – Sunday (ft. Priddy Ugly & J.Tek) | #VideoOfTheMonth : September

Last year in September, Kimberly born multifaceted vocalist lordkez released visuals for her single ‘Sunday’, a music video that’s an ode to family bonds, friendship, timeless class & lovely monochromatic tones. As the video’s timeline draws closer to it’s annual anniversary, we decided to revisit this classic visual and celebrate it as our #VideoOfTheMonth for this year’s September. Still keeping close to our hearts the common memories we share on this very special day.

Clear ft Ipeleng & Kevin – Against All Odds | #PoemOfTheMonth : September

This month’s #PoemOfTheMonth is an inspirational story of a love that has stood the test of time, overcoming a nations history of racial segregation and supression. Torsten Tebogo Rybka, known on stage as Clear is a South African poet from Ga Rankuwa, Pretoria. His poem ‘Against All Odds’ is one inspired by events his parents had to endure during the apartheid era.