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lordkez – Sunday (ft. Priddy Ugly & J.Tek) | #VideoOfTheMonth : September

lordkez – Sunday (ft. Priddy Ugly & J.Tek) | #VideoOfTheMonth : September

Artist(s): lordkez
Feature(s): Priddy Ugly & J.Tek
Directed by: Vaughn Thiel & Fred Kayembe
Production Company/s: CO4LITION x Stolen Concepts
Last year in September, Kimberly born multifaceted vocalist lordkez released visuals for her single ‘Sunday’, a music video that’s an ode to family bonds, friendship, timeless class & lovely monochromatic tones. As the video’s timeline draws closer to it’s annual anniversary, we decided to revisit this classic visual and celebrate it as our #VideoOfTheMonth for this year’s September. Still keeping close to our hearts the common memories we share on this very special day.

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The beginning scenes of the video are a play around elegance & untouchable high-class with lordkez riding around in a old school whip. Soon after, she is joined by friends of similar taste to enjoy each others company over some tea & cigars. Their stylish sense fused with the black and white tones evoke a retro feeling, as if they had all just came from shooting an 80’s mafia movie where the plot twist is women running all the operations. Each and every one of them carries a unique blend of valiance & sophistication, not a rare sighting of South African women on Sundays and quite honestly, on a daily.

The introduction to Priddy’s verse teleports the theme to casual surroundings of blood ties. The vocalist first takes us on ride around her hometown before we meet her family who are enjoying what we assume to be a colorful Sunday meal over laughs & conversation, a scene most of us can relate to. Having being raised mostly by her strong independent mother, whom she credits for the majority of her life’s inspiration, it’s clear why lordkez holds family very close to her heart. The bonds she has built with the ones close to her are a strong reflection of her music.

At this point, many first time watchers would be wondering how the appearance of Maryland based rapper ‘J-TEK’ will be incorporated into the video. All anticipation is soon put to rest by the amazing talent from the CO4LITION x Stolen Concepts production teams when we see him show up on an old television set after Priddy Ugly casually powers it on. This simple, yet powerful idea easily teleports the viewer to J-Tek’s space where you can enjoy his laid back verse at a basketball court.

All credit goes to the production team and artists who’s creative input contributed to bringing this classic visual to life. As for the CO4LITION team , this is the second video making our #VideoOfTheMonth feature that they’re involved in after Priddy’s ‘The Soil’ which shows they have a lot to offer to the music industry. We look forward to seeing more of their beautiful work.

Source: Youtube – lordkez

Full Credits:
Directed by: Vaughn Thiel & Fred Kayembe
Production Company/s: CO4LITION x Stolen Concepts
Producer: Vaughn Thiel
Director of Photography (DOP): Sachin Aurakeasamy
Edited by: Sachin Aurakeasamy
Graded by: Sachin Aurakeasamy
Line Producer: Jade Thiel
Mix & Master: Odidi Bukashe
Design: Mashele Nkwinika

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