HHP – Music & Lights | #SongOfTheMonth : September

HHP – Music & Lights | #SongOfTheMonth : September

41 years ago today, a legend was born. South African Mostwako rapper Jabulani ‘HHP’ Tsambo will forever remain in our hearts. As an organisation that prides itself in unfolding emerging talent, it’s only fitting that we honour those who paved the way as we celebrate his classic ‘Music And Lights’ as our #SongOfTheMonth for September.

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Jabba was prominent in bringing South African hiphop and motswako rap to the mainstream world. In 2019, he was named alongside TKZEE & Mango to be a receipient of the SAMA (South African Music Awards) Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously. The hit song ‘Music & Lights’ was his first single from his album ‘Acceptance Speech’ released in 2007. The song became an anthem for many of his followers and music lovers, solidifying his position as one of S.A’s best rappers. The following year, HHP was awarded in the SAMA Best Male Artist category for his work on Acceptance Speech.

Listen Via Youtube (Live Performance at SAMA 2018):

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