Mpho Sebina – Dikeledi | #VideoOfTheMonth : August

Mpho Sebina – Dikeledi | #VideoOfTheMonth : August

Artist: Mpho Sebina
Song: Dikeledi
Genre: Afro-Soul
Creative Direction: Mpho Sebina
Editor: Henkeyeol Lee
On the 25th of June, Mpho put out a music video for her song Dikeledi making it the 4th single from the sophomore album ‘Lora’ after Pula, Melodi & Dumelang. The Botswana born, Joburg based singer-songwriter has won many hearts of South African’s through her music & definetely captured more hearts with the accompanying visuals for this song.

Watch Below:

The music video is a sign language interpretation of the song done by Kefilwe Nfila, with the visuals carrying a heavenly feel with subtle play on lighting that matches the tranquil nature of the record. The song carries a message of hope to a woman named Dikeledi, encouraging her to never give up & to always remember to keep her head up. 

Many followers were touched by the musicians gesture with one user commenting “I love how creative, thoughtful and intentional you are with every project. This is beautiful!”. Mpho Sebina continues to win over the love of many South African’s with her authenticity and has definetely won us over to be selected as New Age Artistry’s #VideoOfTheMonth for August.

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Source: Youtube – Mpho Sebina Music | Soundcloud –

Priddy Ugly - SOIL

#VideoOfTheMonth : July | Priddy Ugly – SOIL

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SIIISA | Artist Of The Month – July

As winter covers start to become equally significant and non-significant, July introduces itself as a chilling, and yet a warm companion for some parts of South Africa. The influx of talent is on hibernation mode as many musicians start setting up stove to heat up a banger for the soon to come Summer. This common trend spreads throughout most, while some unconforming kings and queens set out to make their own rules. One of these independent minds, Siiisa has broken out as New Age Artistry’s ‘Artist Of The Month’, shortly after sending shockwaves to listeners from her latest offering B.B.E.

April 20, 2021

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