Prodiiiiiii & Thabiso Thabethe Continue To Put Sgandi On The Map With Sgandi Rap Address

Prodiiiiiii & Thabiso Thabethe Continue To Put Sgandi On The Map With Sgandi Rap Address

On the 21st of June 2021, Prodiiiiiii released an EP titled ‘Sgandi Jo!’ under his label Talent Water Timeless produced by frequent collaborator and long-time friend Thabiso Thabethe. 25 days later, they immersed into a new concept titled ‘Sgandi Rap Address’ with the rapper laying bars over some Barcadi sampled beats by producer and vocalist Thabiso Thabethe every Friday.

Watch (Via Youtube):

The first episode premiered on Youtube on July 16th under Prodiiiiiii’s youtube channel ‘Prodi with seven eyes‘ with a beat that sampled a Barcadi musician from their neighbourhood. The series is shot & edited by Thabiso Thabethe in various locations around Sgandi featuring hometown residents and acolytes.

The two creatives have been constantly nurturing their talent in music both in their solo works and collaborations with their hometown Sgandi/Winterveld being the backdrop of it all. They have hosted and performed on many stages under their group TOES (Talent Over Everything Sessions) fusing Thabiso’s powerful vocals and Prodiiiiii’s witty raps.

This week we sit in anticipation for the second episode, anxious to hear and see what the two have in store for us. We’ll definetely be glued to our screens for another journey though Sgandi.

More Prodiiiiiii:

More Thabiso Thabethe:

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