[Watch] Dr Epic & Strange – Voodoo Flower | #PoemOfTheMonth : July

[Watch] Dr Epic & Strange – Voodoo Flower | #PoemOfTheMonth : July

Poet: Kori Strange
Produced by: Dr Epic ByThe Way
From time to time, different art-forms come together to create a fused art-piece comprised of the collaborators respective professions. Dr Epic & Strange are two talented indivuals who fuse poetry & music. In 2018 they performed for the Black Labone crowd as a headliner and did not dissapoint where they opened their show with a poem titled Voodoo Flower.

Watch (Via Youtube):

In an intervew with ubiquity (a creative space), the poet goes on to explain how the poem is about millenials and how “we love each other in a fast food kind of way” drawing inspiration from the fast life we live these days where patience and love are taken for granted. The duo has also graced stages like Word n Sound, with Kori Strange taking the Poet Of The Year award in 2016 & 2017.

Source: Youtube – New Age Artistry |
ubiquity • a creative space.

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