Priddy Ugly – SOIL | #VideoOfTheMonth : July

Priddy Ugly – SOIL | #VideoOfTheMonth : July

Artist: Priddy Ugly
Song: SOIL
Genre: Hip-Hop
Directed by: Fred-From-Yesterday & White-Flame
Production Company/s: CO4LITION
Director of Photography (DOP): Sachin Aurakeasamy
Making it to the top of our selection as #VideoOfTheMonthJuly is Priddy Ugly’s new drop “SOIL”. The song evolves around South Africa’s well known cities and townships, and goes on to break down the various cultures and the norms around them. The change of scenery from place to place in the video easily blends with his lyrics as he transitions between iconic landmarks while getting his hair done. The song was well-received all over the country with one viewer commenting on Youtube saying “This is not a playful jumping around kiddy Priddy ugly. This isn’t tshela Priddy Ugly. This isn’t the LLcoolJ-esque Priddy Ugly. This is a Chief of a village imparting knowledge upon the youth. Ke ntate! Nta-te Moloi!” .The rapper is not afraid to highlights the various socio-economic issues withing our communities and his lyricism and flow easily carries the message. This accompanied by the visual expertise of Fred-From-Yesterday & White-Flame gave us the perfect recipe for this month’s #VideoOFTheMonth.

Source: Youtube – The GAS |

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