‘John Wick in South Africa’ by Ofentse Mwase Films | #JokeOfTheMonth : July

‘John Wick in South Africa’ by Ofentse Mwase Films | #JokeOfTheMonth : July

Shot by: @BannzVersion
Edited by: @Ofentse Mwase Cinematography
Since July showed face, South Africa has been distraught and in shambles. It’s during these times when film-makers like Ofentse Mwase take centre stage to bring a comedic relief to the high levels of stress. Their recent comedy sketches ‘John Wick’, starred by UncleScrootch himself is an action-packed series that sees famous actor Keanu Reeves and Ofentse Mwase become nemesis and battle it out to the end. The 4-part (possibly ongoing) comedy series incorporates the original plot of the movie ‘John Wick’ and adds elements of South African originality in it.

Part 1 (Via Youtube):

Part 2 (Via Youtube):

Part 3 (Via Youtube):

Part 4 (Via Youtube):

Source: Youtube – OMFilms

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