[Listen] Theportalefx release debut single ‘Bonga’

[Listen] Theportalefx release debut single ‘Bonga’

Artists: Theportalefx
Song: Bonga
Release Date: 16 July 2021
While lockdown became a major setback for many creatives, it also gave opportunity for new avenues of growth and experimentation. The formation of the new music duo ‘Theportalefx’, had many of us thanking the president for the implemented regulations that inadvertently led to this beautiful convergence. A chance encounter online, during the height of COVID-19 lockdown, became a natural connection through music for eclectic vocalist Fakazile Nkosi & Creative Engineer Refentse Motau (RNDU). They conceptualized the name “The Portal EFX ” because of the surreal, nostalgic sound that materialized from the symbiotic combination of both artists.

Theportalefx transcends the boundaries of genres, fusing Hip–Hop, Boom Bap, Trip Hop, Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B and Electronic music. This became evident with their debut release ‘Bonga’. The song is largely influenced by artists from the “Buddah Bar” compilation such as “Craig Armstrong” and “Gypsy Kings” just to name a few. The song expresses joy and gratitude for the life we’ve been given and learning to appreciate the challenges we face through life.

Listen Via Spotify:

Theportalefx are the materialisation of two opposing forces, spiraling in synchronicity to the harmony of life’s rhythm. The experience both artists bring from their respective genres will surely make way for explosive classics.

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