Matter Mixtape Vol.1

Matter Mixtape Vol.1

  1. Blue Skies Rorisang Sechele/Ohteeh 1:21
  2. Diteboho Diteboho 3:58
  3. Fragile Flower Thabiso Thabethe 4:11
  4. Silence Rorisang Sechele 2:28
  5. Micotevi Love Life (Prod. by Trojan Bang SA) Tjipo Malankan/Trojan Bang SA 3:04
  6. Perfect Timing J.A.R.E.D 4:06
  7. Mash-up Rorisang Sechele 0:59
  8. Change of profits J.A.R.E.D 3:30
  9. Spaane Thabiso Thabethe/JaySax 3:03
  10. Okwamanje Tjipo Malankan 3:44
  11. Ncinini Rivoningo 3:47
  12. Beyond Haikuu 5:25
  13. Born this way Tjipo Malankan 2:26
  14. Untitled Diteboho 2:20

Download Mixtape: HERE

NewAgeArtistry in Partnership with ubiquity(u.creativespace) is proud to announce the official release of the compilation “Matter Mixtape: Vol.1” as part of the “Matter – Of Time” music initiative.

The initiative is set to uncover some of the best uprising talent in S.A’s music industry.

The 2nd phase of the initiative will see all the artists who are part of the compilation Mixtape officially come together to release an album titled “Of Time”.

All selected artists only knew the identity of the other involved contributors after the mixtape dropped, and only then will they get to work on material for the album set to release 04th of July 2021.

The Mixtape is only available streaming on the NewAgeArtistry website

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