[Watch]: Ramscomics Releases Teaser for Potentially New Series

[Watch]: Ramscomics Releases Teaser for Potentially New Series

Famously known for their work on animated comedy series titled “Noko Mashaba”, Ramscomics is one of S.A’s leading pioneers in 2D animated cartoons. The 2X Award winning production decided to test out a new show when they released a 30 second teaser on their social media platforms and Youtube that’s based on the misfit lives of cockroaches.

This recieved some positive feedback from various individuals who were already huge fans of their previous work. One user on Youtube commented “Yes! Make it happen! The world needs more African based animations based on African imagination!”. From the teaser, we can note the different elements taken from the everyday experience of a South Africa to make the series more relatable and funny.

We’re yet to find out if the series will continue after many people gave it a thumbs up, but there’s definetely hope. For those with an overflow of optimism, it’s safe to say it’s a matter of time.

Source: Youtube – Ramscomics

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