Enrolment Opens 25 January for all AFDA courses

Enrolment Opens 25 January for all AFDA courses

Apply to study the fully accredited Bachelor of Creative Writing course.
The course is one of the few fully fledged undergraduate degrees in this field on offer in the
country. The three year degree programme will supply a broad-based skill set and a network of
creative practitioners that will increase options for content production in the world of work.
In your studies look forward to the following paths of your creative writing growth:
✔Ideation Studies for the 3 year duration of the course as this forms the core of concept
development for all the disciplines.
✔Contextual, Project and Reflection Studies for the 1st 18 months – thereafter these practices will
be conducted through learner-lead-learning
in Discipline Studies, students will attend and observe selected discipline workshops in the BA
Motion Picture and Live Performance programmes, to give context to their writing skills.
These will include, amongst others, classes in Directing, Production Design, Cinematography,
Editing, Sound, Multi-camera Production, as well as Screen and Stage Acting.
you will also observe the production processes and practices on film and television sets, as well as
rehearsals and performances in theatre plays.

For entrance to the course you must obtain a grade 12 bachelor pass or have an NQF Level 5 or the
equivalent. Read more:

Enrolment link below to read and prepare documents:

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