NSA Bridges and Arches

NSA Bridges and Arches

BRIDGES & ARCHES Dance Spectrum 2019 The evocatively titled Bridges & Arches was the critically acclaimed dance showcase production of the 2019 NSA’s Festival of the Arts. It features four leading South African female choreographers, which makes it the perfect choice for Women’s Month: Kitty Phetla (the recipient of the 2019 Standard Bank Young Artist Award for Dance), Shanell Winlock -Pailman, Nadine Buys and Rosana Maya.

Anatomically the foot has both a bridge and an arch. But beyond the all-important anatomy of the foot lies the symbolism of the bridge and the arch. Spanning genres and styles, Bridges & Arches sees the dancers seamlessly adapting to the stylistic demands of four different choreographers journeying from contemporary to neo-classical, from ballet to flamenco, Tswana and Khoisan. Bridges connect us and extend our choices. The arch, which is associated with efficiency and strength in physical buildings, represents, on a symbolic level, the motion of moving forward and expanding, as it frames new perspectives and opportunities.

“All experience is an arch wherethrough gleams that un-travelled world whose margin fades for ever and for ever when I move…” Tennyson’s ULYSSES

Source : Youtube – Joburg Theatre

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