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Content Creation and Production Jobs At MultiChoice Careers

Content Creation and Production Jobs At MultiChoice Careers

“Before our viewers can tune in, scriptwriters, set coordinators, producers, commissioning editors and TV schedulers take centre stage as they turn brilliant new ideas into must-see TV programmes, sports events and movies.”

“It’s time to get your all-access pass to the future of entertainment. Explore content creation and production jobs.”

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Commissioning editors

Commissioning editors are responsible for sourcing, licensing and funding content for broadcast on any of the Group’s platforms and channels.


Producers are responsible for overseeing MultiChoice Group’s productions and coordinating the writing, filming, editing and financing of a project.


Designers produce engaging images and motion graphics that complement MultiChoice Group’s editorial content for digital and broadcast platforms.


Writers turn concepts for TV shows, movies, documentaries and sports programmes into scripts that are developed as ready-to-air productions.

Production accountants

Production accountants work closely with producers to prepare schedules, structure budgets and manage the daily finances of a production.

TV schedulers

TV schedulers plan the transmission schedules that go out to viewers, including programmes, advertisements and promotional content.

A/V technicians

A/V technicians handle the technical aspects of a project by operating all the audio and video equipment to the satisfaction of technical directors.

Channel director

Our channel directors oversee the operations on our channels, including commissioning and scheduling content, advertising acquisitions and placements, and quality control.

Connected video

Connected video professionals work in MultiChoice Group’s streaming units and fulfil a range of roles to deliver video-on-demand content to viewers.

Source: MultiChoice Website

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