AMPD Masterclass with DJ Fresh: My journey to being Fresh

AMPD Masterclass with DJ Fresh: My journey to being Fresh

This is an AMPD Masterclass at AMPD Studio by Old Mutual For more info or videos like this go, the Time is Now to Visit

DJ Fresh has had an incredible journey. From being bullied as a kid to hustling his demo around to getting his first ever show on YFM – a 30 year journey that got him to 947. In this video Fresh shares his journey, his challenges and his advice on how to make a business for yourself in the entertainment industry. Watch the big dawg himself!

Apart from his incredible story ALSO check out :

20:41 – Advice for young DJ’s

23:09 – Tertiary Education for the entertainment industry

23:46 – Already be ready for the next move

24:42 – Creating financial sustainability

26:27 – Doing business with friends

27:04 – Planning for the future

29:13 – How Big Dawg Productions is structured

30:39 – Lessons for a younger DJ Fresh

31:41 – The dangers of social media in your career

33:14 – Control your own finances

34:24 – How to add value to every gig you do

36:13 – Book recommendations

36:43 – Staying relevant in different markets

38:20 – You’re never too old

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